SALINA Black #265

Product description
Форма Round
Type of instalation Врезная
Технология Granilit®
Минимальная ширина шкафа 600 мм
Количество чаш 1
Aperture for mixer There are special slots on the back
Color Black
Size of sink 517 мм х 517 мм х 221 мм
Size of basin 376 мм х 458 мм х 210 мм
Guarantee 5 years
  • 01. Durability
    Products made from artificial stone are much stronger than marble or granite. You do not have to worry about the fractures or chips that occur in ordinary stone. Casting stone - light, durable, easy to polish and restore.
  • 02. Seamlessness
    There are no seams in the casting stone, since all joints are neatly grounded and polished.
  • 03. Appearance
    Casting stone has an undeniable advantage in color and texture, the bent shapes and plasticity. Hygiene and environmental friendliness.
  • 04. Hygiene and environmental friendliness
    Casting stone is absolutely hygienic, it is an ideal material for medical or children’s institutions, as well as laboratories. Granite, in turn, may have an increased radiation background.
  • 05. Water resistance
    The casting stone has practically zero absorbency. To the contrary, granite and marble have a porous structure, penetrable by water, thus creating favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria. Even water will cause spots on light colors, let alone other coloring substances.